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Levitating Shoe Display

Levitating Shoe Display

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Display: width 24cm(9.45in) x height 46cm(18.11in) x thickness 9.2cm(3.62in)

Packaging: 51cm(20in) x 30cm(11.81in) x 13cm(5.12in)

How To Levitate

1. Place the magnet inside the shoe.

2. While holding the magnet inside the shoe, place the shoe between the top and bottom sides of the display.

3. Once you position the shoe correctly and feel a pull towards the top side of the display, release the shoe.

How Does It Work?

With TeslaPowers' levitating shoe display, levitation is simply achieved through the power of magnetic force. It uses two magnets, one inside the shoe and one inside the display, which attract each other, making the shoe levitate!

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Take Your Shoe Display To The Next Level

TeslaPowers' iconic Shoe Display is an awesome high-tech gadget that shoe enthusiasts and home-decor lovers will most certainly enjoy. It's been the subject of conversation in homes and stores across the world.

Wow Factor

Whether you are trying to impress someone or not, our levitating shoe display will undoubtedly attract a lot of eyes and glances. Its magical effect brings out curiosity and bafflement from watchers.

RGB Display

TeslaPowers' levitating shoe display comes with an easy-to-use RGB glow remote controller. Our display emits a beautiful soft light that creates a cozy atmosphere.

CE Approved

Our levitating shoe display has a CE certificate issued by SGS. It indicates that our product complies with the applicable rules within the European Economic Area.