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Levitating Planter

Levitating Planter

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Base: diameter 14cm(5.51in) x thickness 3cm(1.18in)

Planter: diameter 8cm(3.15in) x thickness 6.5cm(2.56in)

Packaging: 22cm(8.66in) x 22cm(8.66in) x 18cm(7.09in)

How To Levitate

1. Gently lower the bottom of the planter over the center of the magnetic base. You will start to feel an upward resistance. 

2. When the planter is positioned exactly in the center of the base, you will feel a gentle release. The electro-magnets will automatically center the flowerpot in position. Please make sure the base is horizontally flat. 

3. Slowly let go of the planter and it will lock into position and rotate slowly.

How Does It Work?

Wireless power transmission has been around since the days of Nikola Tesla. Once plugged in, the base's magnetic field will generate an opposite magnetic force, suspending TeslaPowers' Planter in the air. The planter can carry up to 200g of weight.

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Take Your Room Decoration To The Next Level

TeslaPowers' iconic Planter conforms to contemporary design standards while simultaneously providing a relaxing, zen vibe and earthly feel. It's a stylish home accessory that blends high design with high tech while providing a mental-health boost.

Wow Factor

This modern and creative decor will allow you to cultivate your favorite plants while bringing a chic, modern touch to your home or office.

Promotes Health

Along with increasing the luxurious feel of your home, TeslaPowers' Planter will also ease the environment out through the magnetic forces and release tension within your abode. Perfect to keep the atmosphere cool and light.

The Art Of Craft

Designed in Paris, it combines user-friendly functionality and a funky, sleek vibe, making it appeal to techies, plant enthusiasts and home-decor lovers. Our team set out to create a way to incorporate natural earthiness and modern style into a meditation tool that everyone can use.