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Levitating Galaxy Globe

Levitating Galaxy Globe

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Base: width 17.2cm(6.78in) x height 17.2cm(6.78in) x thickness 3cm(1.18in)

Globe: 14cm(5.51in) diameter

Packaging: 25cm(9.84in) x 25cm(9.84in) x 25cm(9.84in)

Lasting Time

The energy-efficient LEDs inside the galaxy globe with high-resolution constellations have a light-up time of a whopping 50,000 hours. That equates to 12 hours a day for 11 years, or 6 hours a day for 22 years; proving both its efficiency and functionality. 

How To Levitate

1. Gently lower the bottom of the galaxy globe over the center of the magnetic base. The LEDs will start to light up and you will start to feel an upward resistance. 

2. When the globe is positioned exactly in the center of the base, you will feel a gentle release. The electro-magnets will automatically center the globe in position. Please make sure the base is horizontally flat. 

3. Slowly let go of the galaxy stars and it will lock into position, light up and rotate slowly.

Turning On & Off

Turning on & off is as simple as pressing the switch on the clock base. The light will turn on or off, while the levitation will remain intact. Our touch switch feels effortless and smooth, just to lower your stress. 

How Does It Work?

Wireless power transmission has been around since the days of Nikola Tesla. With TeslaPowers' levitating galaxy globe, we've packed some of Tesla's tech and combined it with magnetic levitation, opening up a magical world of possibilities. 

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Take Your Room Decoration To The Next Level

TeslaPowers' iconic Galaxy Globe is an awesome high-tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy. It's been the subject of conversation in homes and offices across the world. It hovers in mid-air using magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through the air. 

Stress Relieving

Suspended in the air, with no friction, its gentle rotating effect will keep you mesmerized in a peaceful state of mind for hours. Our galaxy globe creates a very quiet, soft and fascinating feeling. 

Next-Gen Technology

While most galaxy globes are fixed to a frame and a bottom base that is connected via plug, TelsaPowers' energy efficient LEDs are powered through the air, providing RGB color changing led glow. 

The Art Of Craft

Designed in Paris, the bottom base is a black clock to define the times of the stars in the universe. Each unit is carefully crafted to precision using premium components inspired by minimalism and vintage design.